Gennaro and Alvarado burst through the door.

A foul odor permeated the basement shop. They spotted Marie Rinaldi hanging motionless on the closet door, most of the clothes torn from her body. Then they saw why.

      Luis staggered to his knees. The sight of two cops aiming guns at him caused him to break into a wide grin. "I din' hurt her that bad. Your cop, she still alive." Then he meekly raised his arms.

     The sight and words filled Frank Gennaro with such malice that his mind released its control over his body and let it do what no law permitted --- the killing of an unarmed man. His index finger squeezed the trigger of his 9mm Glock 19 Auto Pistol. It didn't let go until he had emptied  half  the  magazine, eight rounds, into Rinaldi's assailant from point-blank range. The spent shells landed noiselessly on the floor, cushioned by a thick layer of sawdust.

      Alvarado bent over to examine the body. "This piece  of  shit  won't be  bothering anyone any-more." Then, he eased Detective Rinaldi's weapon toward Luis's hand with the toe of his boot....


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