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Arresting Images: Eye-Popping Photos from the NYPD’s Archives

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Undisclosed Files of the Police: Cases from the Archives of the NYPD from 1831 to the Present

Hardcover – 2016

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Cases from the Archives of the NYPD from 1831 to the Present

More than a century's worth of atrocities culled from the city's police blotter, told through startling, rarely seen images and incisive text written by two NYPD officers and a NYC crime reporter.

From crimes that occurred before the establishment of New York's police force in 1845 through the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in 2001 to the present day, this visual history of New York City is a peek behind the police tape at more than 175 years of crime.

This 320-page chronological tour covers events that shocked the nation, from arson to gangland murders, robberies, serial killers, bombings, and kidnappings. Headline-grabbing entries include architect Stanford White's shooting at Madison Square Garden, the bombing of Wall Street in 1920, the 1928 hit on mobster Arnold Rothstein at the Park Sheraton Hotel, and Kitty Genovese's 1964 stabbing, famously witnessed by dozen of bystanders who did not intervene. Rarely seen photos, including the parking ticket that helped catch the serial killer Son of Sam and the carvings left at the crime scene of the Mad Sculptor, help readers gain an insider's perspective into the investigations.

Perfect for crime buffs, urban historians, and fans of photojournalism, this riveting collection details New York's most startling and unsettling moments through behind-the-scenes stories and more than 500 photographs.


Arresting Images: Eye-Popping Photos from the NYPD’s Archives

The NYPD's First Fifty Years: Politicians, Police Commissioners, and Patrolmen

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"The NYPD's First Fifty Years is an insightful look into the development of America's largest police department. It is a compelling history that chronicles the intersecting paths of politicians and patrolmen. It is written with an insider’s view of how the modern police department emerged during the early years of New York City."— James C. Dean, retired commanding officer of the NYPD's Emergency Service Division and adjunct professor of criminal justice at Molloy College


    Author Bernie Whalen and Police Commissioner Bill Bratton.


    Author Bernie Whalen and NY Times Best Selling Author Phillip Kerr.

When cops were robbers: The early days of the NYPD

They were the city’s finest — and sometimes, the city’s most notorious. “The NYPD’s First Fifty Years,” by Bernard Whalen and Jon Whalen chronicles the early arc of the police...


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Barnes & Nobles - Author Event!

The NYPD's First Fifty Years: Politicians, Police Commissioners and Patrolmen

Join us as we welcome Bernard Whalen, lieutenant, NYPD, for a discussion and signing of his book The NYPD's First Fifty Years, which explores the force's official formation in 1898 and how the following 50 years left a lasting mark on history.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Bayside Barnes & Nobles
2245 Richmond Avenue
Staten Island, NY 10314

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The Mysterious Bookshop - Author Event!

The Mysterious Bookshop presented

Bernard Whalen & Jon Whalen, The NYPD's First Fifty Years

Wednesday February 11, 2015

NYPDS FIRST 50     Author Bernie Whalen and First Deputy Police Commissioner Benjamin Tucker.

The Mysterious Bookshop

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Queens Cop Writes Book On Early NYPD Era

Queens Examiner
Queens police officer releases book about NYPD s history

Queens Courier
NYPDy Lieutenants new book shows history of tension between cops and mayors!

Mystery Writers of America Website
Mystery Writers of America is the oldest and most prominent organization for writers of crime fiction and other professionals in the field.

In October 2011, Bernie and Jon Whalen appeared at Cayuga County Community College in Fulton NY to discuss their book -
'Justifiable Homicide'.

Justifiable Homicide

Bernard and Jon Whalen with the faculty and staff of Cayuga County Community College after a presentation and discussion about Justifiable Homicide.

Justifiable Homicide -
"A must read thriller.."

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Justifiable Homicide 

Book Description

Unless you pull the trigger, you will never know the truth. . . .


William Gennaro grew up on the crime-ridden streets of New York City. As mayor, he gave them back to the people through tough law-and-order action. Now he has reached the pinnacle of power. But in an upstate jail cell one man is plotting his revenge.


The mayor's brother, Frank Gennaro, is a seventeen-year veteran of the NYPD, working on the firing line as a street detective. But shattering events may force him to cross the thin blue line.


Eduardo Noscar swore vengeance on the person who put him behind bars. And he will get it--unleashing a hit man with a diabolical plan that will obliterate the mayor's city.

But Frank Gennaro and a beautiful rookie narcotics officer, who's been through hell and back herself, slide undercover. And they won't stop until they disperse a little retribution of their own. . . .


The author, Bernard Whalen/Jon Whalen , December 3, 1999
All killers believe their actions are justified.
Justifiable Homicide is an accurate NYPD police procedural that explores the various states of mind necessary to commit intentional murder in today's society. Even when a person is aware of the possible consequences under the law, the exact moment he or she pulls the trigger, they believe their actions are justified.

About the Author

B. J. Whalen is a father and son writing team. The son, Bernard Whalen, is a lieutenant in the New York Police Department with more than eighteen years of service. During his career he has worked in New York City's Harlem, East Side, and Chinatown and in the plainclothes Anti-Crime Unit. He has sixteen department recognition awards, including two Commendations, and is a member of the NYPD Honor Legion.

His father, Jon Whalen, retired as a teacher from Manhasset High School on Long Island after thirty years in the classroom. While attending college, he worked as a New York State corrections officer at Sing Sing and Auburn prisons. He served four years in the US Army 3rd Armored Cav. Regt. in Germany. The authors are currently working on their second novel.

'Justifiable Homicide'!

Feel free to send E-MAIL to the authors :
Bernard Whalen - whalen2317@aol.com

Jon Whalen - JCW1536@verizon.net

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