Manhasset High School
25th year reunion

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1. Mopsey Bremmer and Billy Morrison
2. Mike Maura, Bruce Miller, Chuck McCarthy, Mrs. McCarthy,
Chris Mehring, Bill McIntosh, Lisa Katrandjian
3. Bill McIntosh
4. John Gula, Johnís fiancee Lisa, Michael Petracca

5. Bernie and Laura Whalen
6. John Allen and Kevin Sheridan
7. Donna Ordando and Janet McCowan
8. George Burris and Leslie Fletcher

9. Barbara Clayton and Karen Patashny
10. Eric Waldron
11. Joe Spagna and Bruce Miller
12. Mary Thilow, Henry Pardo, and Drew Brugal

13. Kevin and Donna Wang
14. Mr. and Mrs. Bob Brull
15. Donna and Kevin Wang, with Doug Roth
16. Dr. and Mrs. Todd Sider

17. Ellen Carslon Snodgrass and her husbnd Jim
18. Eric Waldron and Lynne Serling
19. Joe Spagna and Doug Roth
20. Mike Maura and Donna Orlando Travers

21. Chuck McCarthy, Bill Morrison, and Ed Wassmer
22. Lisa (John Gulaís fiancee and Roseline Kaywood
23. Drew Brugal and Lynne Serling

24. Jacci Cox and Mopsy Bremmer
25. Sally Reeves, Clare Monahan, Mopsey Bremmer,
Sheila Rice Gleason and her husband Dave
26. Sally Reeves and Mike Maura
27. Adrian Webb In Montauk

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